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4.Report from auction&result
If you require, we will send you a photo of the car and translated details. Please let us know the exhibit number and the name of the car individually.
We will take around 15 photoes per vehicle by our workers. Photos are only able to send to you before bidding on auction, so PLEASE be ready to receive the e-mail report on the day of auction.

3.Process of the purchase

We will find a car with the specs you are looking for. Also, you can search for it yourself on auctions online. We will give you an ID and Passward to access our list after we receive the deposit. If you want to be informed about cars you are looking for without checking online, we will report you when they occur in an auction immediately.

When we bit on a car, we only bit the price of what you given. Please let us know if you don't mind us going over a little. It is quite common that you can win the bidding by adding up between 5000yen to 15000yen.


We require a deposit before bidding and purchasing the vehicle. It shows us that you are serious. 90,000yen(for first time user) prepayment is needed to be transfer to our bank account. If you are the regular user, we require only 50,000yen.
1.Customer application process
By using our customer Enquiry Form, it will help us to known about you better. We will deal with private individuals for any countries.
Once we receive your enquiry, will send the market price of your preferable vehicle..
6.Shipping arrangement
We can arrange any type of shipping for you. Most of our customer uses as follows:

Shipping FOB include transport charge to the port and handling charge for export shipping.

This price is included handling charge for export shipping and freight charge to the port. Insurance is not included in the cost of shipping. However, if you inform us we will arrange the insurance for you. .

We will send Bill of Lading and invoice when we confirm the payment. Please make sure that your payment is not behind.
5.Payment procedure
We will send an invoice to you by email or fax. All of our client pay the amount immediately, but note that delay of payment will result in the car being sent back to the auctions and a loss in your deposit.
Tel. 81-43-277-8057 Fax. 81-43-277-8761
Email. sales@suntrade.co.jp

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