A selection of auctions covered in and around Tokyo is listed below:

Wednesday      JAA (aporx 5000 cars)

Thursday        USS Tokyo (more than 10000 cars)

Friday           USS west-Tokyo, USS Nagoya, CAT

Saturday        USS Shizuoka

In addition, we have coverage of most of the auctions in Japan which amounts to access to 26 different auctions such as Kansai (Osaka and Nagoya), Kyushu and Hokkaido region.

What we provide?!
1, Let us know what type of vehicle you are looking for.
You say> I'm looking for the Skyline fs|q! 92 model&Colour for silver and maximum of 70000km on mileage.

We say> Sure! We will send the list within 24 hours!

2@We will send you the list of auction history(See below)

Skyline fs|qiWe will send 10 times more data history than example list on belowj

Date No Year Grade Model KMs(1000km) Colour transmisson A/C Sunroof Alloy Wheel P/steering P/windows Rate Finished price(1000Yenj
30/10 226 92 fs|q amq32 53 BLK 5F Yes No Yes Yes Yes 4 882
30/10 1011 92 fs|q amq32 38 BLK 5F Yes No Yes Yes Yes 4 956
30/10 198 92 fs|q amq32 77 WHT 5F Yes No Yes Yes Yes 4 782
30/10 556 92 fs|q amq32 67 WHT 5F Yes No Yes Yes Yes 3.5 763

3@Once you decided to bid the auction after looking throught the Auction history,
please fill out the ENQUIRY FORM and we will send our bank details for deposit.

After we received your deposit:
Once we confirm your deposit, we will give you the ID and Passward
to access the auction list.

Auction for this week: Example

No@ Yeah Grade Model KMs(1000km) Colour Shift A/C Sunroof Alloy wheel P/Steering P/Windows Rate Starting Price(1000yenj
758 92 fs|q amq32 55 SIL 5e Yes No Yes Yes Yes 4 350
123 92 fs|q amq32 20 RED 5F Yes No Yes Yes Yes 4.5 380
500 92 fs|q amq32 39 BLK 5F Yes No No Yes Yes 3.5 400
900 92 fs|q amq32 67 WHT 5e Yes No Yes Yes Yes 3.5 300
55 92 fs|q amq32 75 BLU 5e Yes No No Yes Yes 4 350
355 91 fs|q amq32 56 BLK 5F Yes No Yes Yes Yes 0 300
506 91 fs|q amq32 49 WHT 5F Yes No Yes Yes Yes 4.5 350
155 91 fs|q amq32 79 BLK 5e Yes No Yes Yes Yes 3.5 280
7786 91 fs|q amq32 57 BLK 5e Yes No Yes Yes Yes 3 218

4@If you want to know the further detail of the vehicle, click the Exhibit number.

Example:@Detail of No:7786



5@You can see the photo of front and rear of the car with the auction sheet.
You will be able to notice the what type of vehicles are going to be on the auction.

Auction day
6@Let us know the vehicle you are interested in from the list.
Our inspector will check the vehielc and report you via E-mail with photo.

To understand the condition of the vehicle, we will send you between 15 to 20 of photoes.


Year of Manufacture 91 Name Skyline Rate 3.5
Grade fs|q Colour Silver Starting Price 350000Yen
Air conditioning Yes Shift F5 Our estimated finishing price 800000Yen
Body type Coupe KMs 57000KMs
Sales point Owners' manual, Log book,@Turbo timer
This is example. We will send you with better quality photo than these.. @

7@Once you decided to bid after reading our e-mail report, we will make a bid for you.
We will not charge the balance of bid price if we could get lower than your expected price.

You say> I would love get around 1million yen.APlease make a bid for us maximum of 1 millon yen!!

We say No ProblemI We wil lmake a bid maximum of 1 million yen.
Result of auction:
If we win the bid for 950000yen, you pay only 950000.
If the price went over the 1 million yen, please try again next time.
You can bit as many times as you like for free of charge.

We will not charge you for anything until we get the car by bidding.

After the car being purchased.

8-1@If we win the bid
If successful, the purchase price of the vehicle at auction is forwarded to the customer
along with the FOB or C&F fees associated with it via e-mail.
If insurance for freight is also required, please contact us as it is not included as standard.

8-2@If we lose the bid
If unsuccessful, please try again for following week.

9 Payment@
Please pay 100% Prior to shipping.
We will send the invoice after payment is confirmed.

You sayWe have transfered the money to you.
We sayThank you! We have confirmed your payment. Look forward to do the business with you again!!

If you want send as C&F, we will send you the B/L.
We understand that most of countries need to send off the documentation very quickly.
Please be sure payment is not behind.

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